Kevin Magnussen admits it has been "difficult to take" being dropped by McLaren after one year of racing for the team.

McLaren opted to pair Fernando Alonso with Jenson Button in 2015, relegating Magnussen to the role of third driver. Having had a solid rookie season, Magnussen said he would like to race elsewhere during next year alongside his third driver duties and hopes the change in role will allow him to return as an even stronger driver when his next F1 opportunity arises.

"First of all I'm here with this team, I have a job here," Magnussen said. "I'd like to be racing something but nothing's certain yet and we will see. It will take a couple of weeks probably before we can really look in to that.

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"It has been difficult to take. When you get to Formula One you expect a lot of things and I believe in myself and I believe that I can do great things. As Ron [Dennis] said, [my career] has been paused and that's not a nice thing, but I still believe I have a future in Formula One as a racing driver and that's all I have right now.

"I believe in myself, I believe in McLaren and I think when I come back to Formula One I'll hopefully come back as a more matured and more experienced Formula One driver."

And Magnussen said it was still an exciting role for him to be involved in the McLaren-Honda partnership from the very beginning.

"It means a lot. Obviously I'm disappointed not to be racing. I'm a racing driver, I want to race, so of course I'm disappointed but I'm still with a great team and I still have big opportunities in my Formula One career. I'm young, I have a lot of time ahead so I'm still very positive. It is exciting going in to this new partnership even though it's as third driver. It's still a big challenge and a big opportunity, so I see a lot of opportunity although I've taken a step back."