8th - Kevin Magnussen Average poll score out of ten: 6.3 Team: McLaren Mercedes Car: McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 Wins: 0 Podiums: 1 Poles: 0 Fastest Laps: 0 Best Finish 2nd Championship points: 55 Championship position: 11th out of 23

The second rookie in the top ten this year, but Kevin Magnussen will have to wait at least one year to make a return as - in the words of Ron Dennis - his F1 career has been "paused" at the end of 2014.

Magnussen arrived to great fanfare amid comparisons with Lewis Hamilton as the first rookie to get a McLaren seat since Hamilton himself in 2007. Talk of emulating Hamilton's title attempt in his debut season was soon quashed by Mercedes' dominance, but Magnussen was an impressive third on the road in Melbourne before being promoted to second when Daniel Ricciardo was excluded.

However, Magnussen himself admits that first result was a curse in disguise as it took him a number of races to realise that the McLaren was not capable of challenging for wins or podiums, and he had to reset his goals. As a young driver used to winning in junior categories that was hard to do, but he started to show signs of it with consecutive seventh places in Austria and Silverstone, which came amid a run of three top-six qualifying performances.

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While his outright speed over one lap was not in doubt as Magnussen ended the year with 12 Q3 appearances in a row, he still struggled to get the maximum out of the car as the season went on. Fifth in Sochi was a strong result but came with team-mate Jenson Button in fourth place, and unfortunately when it came to a straight decision between the two for the vacant seat it was Button that won.

'Potential' remains the buzzword for Magnussen. He's shown plenty of it but will need to learn from the pit wall in 2015 as he is forced to wait for another shot in the McLaren.

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