Daniel Ricciardo says one of his goals in 2014 was to earn the respect of the other top drivers and be seen as one himself.

Stepping up from Toro Rosso, Ricciardo joined Red Bull alongside quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel over the winter and proceeded to get the better of his team-mate as he went on to finish third in the drivers' championship behind the two Mercedes drivers. While his three victories were pleasing from a results point of view, Ricciardo said one of his aims was to be viewed as a top driver by the likes of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

"Results aside, what I wanted to take out of this year was I wanted you know the top drivers to look at me as a top driver," Ricciardo said. "You know, I wanted them to come in to a race weekend saying, "Okay, yes, he'll be quick, he'll be quick, Ricciardo he'll be quick" and I wanted to earn their respect and I feel I've done that this year so it's nice, it's nice when you get that from people who are leaders in the sport."

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Reflecting on which of his victories were the most special, Ricciardo said: "In terms of like 'argh' it was Budapest.

"I think because Canada part shock part the accident. You know when I crossed the line I was like yes but then I saw the accident so I was like, "Do I celebrate, what do I do?", so I was a bit reserved still and with Budapest it was like, yes, so there was some Canada and then some Budapest all [together].

"And the way I did it, I mean passing Lewis and Fernando in one lap, you know, obviously I had better tyres but it was a cool feeling. Yeah that was nice."