Eric Boullier expects Fernando Alonso to challenge McLaren "everyday" now that he has rejoined the team from Ferrari.

Alonso was finally confirmed by McLaren-Honda last week and while Boullier concedes it will be a challenge to manage the Spaniard's expectations next season, he is not concerned. Indeed he thinks the two-time F1 World Champion will give the team just the kind of boost needed.

"No, I am not worried," Boullier, McLaren's racing director, replied when asked if he is worried about managing Alonso's hopes. "I know it is going to be challenging, but you have to take it as a huge positive. I think this is the kind of commitment or dedication you want. It is clear he is going to challenge us every day and to be honest he has been texting me every day for weeks [since we signed him].

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"He is really, really on it and following every change we do and every decision we take. This is the kind of boost we wanted and were looking for."

"We get the best driver in the world [by signing him]," Boullier added, "and to have him being convinced that we have a winning package is the best message we can spread around.

"He is the one that will make sure we will work together and follow the direction we have decided to. Yes, it is [a coup to have signed him]."

Meanwhile, Boullier noted that he thinks Alonso and Jenson Button will work well together.

"I think both of these drivers are mature enough to be easy to manage. I think the problem we may face, which will be a nice problem to have, is to manage them on track, but off-track I think it is going to be easy," Boullier remarked.