Rob Smedley believes Williams is 30% of the way to being able to win championships in F1 once again.

Head of vehicle performance Smedley joined Williams from Ferrari last winter and said the target was to return the team to winning ways, with titles the ultimate goal. Asked how far along that process the team was at the end of this season, Smedley said the structures have been put in place for Williams to build on in future years.

"I think we're about 30% of the way there, I would say," Smedley said. "I think we've consolidated and organised the group that we've got - the technical group - quite well. Even within that organisation we never believe that we've concluded stuff or finished learning.

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"I think we can improve on what we've got, that's clear. There is margin to improve, we've consolidated the group and we need to take various steps to move it forward. From where we were at the start of the year to where we need to be to win championships we're about 25-30% of the way there."

Expanding on how much Williams can improve in 2015, Smedley wants the team to target a much bigger step after the work that has been done this season.

"We've got a solid group together now and we've got the foundations laid. It's like anything, when you build a house you lay the foundations and it takes forever and you keep looking at the house - especially if you're paying for it - and saying 'God, nothing's happening'. Then all of a sudden once the foundations are laid you put it up and it all takes shape.

"We can accelerate the development of people, of areas, of structures, of departments. That can all happen much more quickly because we've all worked together for a year, we all understand what we're doing and what our roles are. Things will happen much quicker now so we've got to get to the end of next year and we've got to be 70-80% of the way there."