Daniel Ricciardo says one of the surprises of 2014 for him was Sebastian Vettel showing he is capable of mistakes.

Vettel entered 2014 as the reigning champion off the back of four consecutive drivers' titles, with Ricciardo joining from Toro Rosso to replace Mark Webber. However, Ricciardo went on to get the better of his team-mate - winning three races on his way to third in the standings - and said Vettel's struggles this season showed how well he has been performing in the past to deliver results so consistently.

"I think he's just basically he proved that everyone is human and whatever I say now, in no way disrespecting him but obviously people can have their off days and can have difficulties," Ricciardo said. "I mean last year he was, people questioned if he was human; he won every race after the summer break and yes the car was good but you've still got to produce. You've still got to get the result and you've still got to get a good start and do all the rest of it and he kept doing that. So it was just nice to see that he did make some mistakes."

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However, Ricciardo said there were still lessons he had learned from Vettel during 2014 despite comfortably getting the better of his team-mate over the season.

"I think the way he spoke with the engineers, the way he got people around him, it was hard but fair. So I think he had respect from a lot of people but they knew what he wanted and what he needed so that's nice. I think in this sport you have to be a bit hard, but as long as you always show that bit of respect it makes people appreciate what you're trying to say then that's good."


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He got confidence and like to show off a bit, what's the problem?

You can't complain that F1 drivers are getting like corporate robot on the one hand and then bitch those who act differently on the other.