John Booth says there are two weeks left for Manor Grand Prix to try and secure its place on the 2015 F1 grid.

Marussia went in to administration after the Russian Grand Prix and ceased trading in November, with a number of assets sold at auction last month. While investors pulled out of a last-ditch attempt to get the team to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Booth - who founded the Manor team which has been named on the 2015 F1 entry list - says there is "still a slim hope" that investment can be secured which will see the team start the season in some form.

"There's still a slim hope, but it's getting extremely late," Booth told the Yorkshire Post. "We've got two weeks to complete something by. So there's still a chance. We are talking to investors and they are positive talks.

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"What we are finding is there are a lot of people making positive noises about it but it's actually getting across the line and taking it on that's the big question. There's a hell of a lot of hard-working, good people in this team and we are trying to keep as many staff as possible in work."

And Booth admitted the prospect of ?40million in prize money - which the team is entitled to for finishing ninth in the 2014 constructors' championship as long as it races in the new season - should help its cause.

"The ironic thing is we won't be able to get that ?40m in prize money if the dream does die. But that is the attractive element for potential investors. We managed nearly five years without that money."