Honda is set to be disadvantaged by a loophole in the 2015 technical regulations which will allow other engine manufacturers to develop during the season.

While the FIA and engine manufacturers were expecting to have to homologate power units by the first race in Australia, the FIA has now admitted that a lack of a specific date in the regulations means updates will be permitted during the season. That allows Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari to develop their engines throughout the year, but Honda will not receive the same opportunities.

With the first iteration of the power units having to be homologated by February 28 last year - and frozen for the season - the FIA says Honda's power unit will also have to be homologated by the same date in 2015 and can't be developed during the season.

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Following the clarification from the FIA, the BBC reports Honda has voiced its displeasure to the governing body.

The whole power unit is made up of 66 tokens, with each item weighted individually depending on its performance value and only five having been completely frozen in 2014. The rest of the power unit can still be changed but engine manufacturers are limited to changing up to 32 tokens in 2015. While the percentage of the power unit that can be changed remains the same, these changes can now be made at any time throughout the year.

Tuesday will also see the first meeting of a working group set up to try and propose new engine regulations, looking in to the possibility of a louder, more powerful and cheaper engine for 2016.


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Not a problem, Honda are very adept at getting rules changed to suit them in MotoGP so expect to see some changes to this rule or loophole before the season starts.