Niki Lauda believes any changes to the current power unit regulations should not be rushed through by 2016 in order to make sure they're successful.

Tuesday saw the first meeting of a working group set up to try and propose new engine regulations, looking in to the possibility of a louder, more powerful and cheaper engine for 2016. However, while Lauda - a non-executive director at Mercedes - is not completely opposed to changing the power units despite his team's dominance in 2014, he says time should be taken to ensure the right decisions are made.

"It does not help to break something above the knee, which is then wrong again," Lauda is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport. "By 2016, this is almost impossible.

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"Something sensible can only really come out when we allow ourselves until 2017. That way the investments made by the manufacturer will have more value and Honda would not have built its engine for only one season. You need some stability, otherwise everything is insanely expensive."

The cost of the current power units - introduced at the start of last season - was blamed for the collapse of Marussia and Caterham in 2014.