The CEO of the Nurburgring warns "Formula One has to remain affordable" after confirming that a contract is not yet in place to host the 2015 German Grand Prix.

The Nurburgring and Hockenheim alternate as host circuits of the German race, with the Nurburgring scheduled to be the venue used this season. However, following a number of financial issues at the circuit, a new contract has yet to be agreed between the owners and Bernie Ecclestone in order to see the race take place.

Nurburgring CEO, Mr. Carsten Schumacher, told he hopes a new deal can be agreed because he sees the benefits, but warned the F1 hosting fee could prove too expensive.

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"The Formula One is welcome at the N?rburgring," Schumacher said. "It provides worldwide television pictures, a positive image and would bring high sales to the region.

"However, the Formula One has to remain affordable. We don't comment ongoing conversations. We will communicate this, if there is a concrete result".


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Dont worry Mr schumacer. if you cant afford the exorbitant fee charge by batsiht bernie, plenty of 3rd world dictators who are willing to dump billions to ensure we got more races on sterile tilke circuits.