The FIA is considering potential concessions for Honda after concern from the engine manufacturer that it is being unfairly treated.

A loophole in the F1 regulations caused the FIA to concede that existing power units do not have a homologation date in 2015 and therefore can be updated at any point throughout the season. However, with Honda a new supplier it will have to submit its power unit for homologation by February 28 at which point it will be frozen for the season.

Honda believes such a move will disadvantage it compared to its rivals Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari, and made clear to the FIA that it therefore feels the current solution is unfair. A Honda spokesperson said last week: "Honda believes in fair competition for the goodness of the sport, and for our fans."

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After talks between the FIA and Honda earlier this week, F1's governing body will consider the stance of McLaren's engine supplier before further meetings ahead of the original homologation date.

"The meeting went well and we are discussing matters that arose," an FIA spokesman told the BBC.

While the FIA originally felt Honda should have to homologate and freeze its engine ahead of the first season for its power unit - as the other engine manufacturers had to do last year - Honda is unhappy that it will have to complete the 20-race season with just four engines per car. In 2014, due to reliability concerns with the new technology, five were permitted across the 19-races.

The whole power unit is made up of 66 tokens, with each item weighted individually depending on its performance value and only five having been completely frozen in 2014. The rest of the power unit can still be changed but existing engine manufacturers are limited to changing up to 32 tokens in 2015.

Next year, the number of tokens that can be changed drops to 25 while components worth an additional 10 tokens are frozen. Having had an extra year developing its power unit before it is homologated, Honda will also have to adhere to the same regulations as the other manufacturers in 2016, meaning it misses out on a year when it can change 32 of the 66 tokens.