The start times of five Formula 1 races will be brought forward by one hour in 2015 in reaction to Jules Bianchi's crash at the Japanese Grand Prix.

A document released by Formula One Management shows that the races in Australia, Malaysia, China, Japan and Russia will all start one hour earlier.

In recent years races in Asia have started later to suit F1's core European audience. However, after Bianchi crashed in increasing rain and fading light in Japan, as part of the recommendations from a panel which investigated the crash, it was proposed that race start times should "not be less than four hours before either sunset or dusk".

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It means the race in Australia will now start at 16.00 hours local time (05.00 hours GMT), while Malaysia moves to 15.00 hours local time (08.00 hours GMT), as speculated last week.

China shifts to 14.00 hours local time (07.00 hours GMT), with Japan and Russia also starting at 14.00 hours local time (06.00 hours GMT and 11.00 hours GMT respectively), organisers in Sochi confirming as much a few days ago.