Pastor Maldonado says Lotus has done a lot of "clever work" over the winter and he is confident the team will have a "strong" car for the new season.

Maldonado scored just two points last year, with the Enstone squad slipping from fourth to eighth in the Constructors', with just 10 points on the board, compared to more than 300 points notched up in 2013, as well as 14 podiums.

Speaking via Twitter in a #AskPastor chat for the team on Monday afternoon, Maldonado added that he is hopeful the switch to Mercedes engines will help Lotus get back on top and is convinced the team will be back on the rostrum.

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"It is what we hope, but it [getting Mercedes power units] is not everything," he replied. "We have been working hard to fix the problems we had in 2014 and we aim for the top.

"There are so many goals... We know it is very difficult and against stronger teams than us, but we will give 150 per cent to try to achieve the most points, most podiums, all year long and to enjoy each race as well, as a team!"

"It is hard to say [what I think of the new car] before getting to drive it," he added, "but a lot of clever work has been done this winter and I think it will be strong."

Maldonado was also quizzed on his reputation for becoming entangled in more than his fair share of incidents.

Asked why he always crashes, he noted: "Not always :-) I want to be fast and to do that, you have to push the limit and sometimes you go over it."

"In a car that is not very stable, it is hard to get it back once it goes off... And it is not just me ;-)."