Daniil Kvyat has said he will use the pressure of driving for Red Bull Racing as positive energy when he replaces the outgoing four-time champion Sebastien Vettel.

The Russian is stepping up to Red Bull Racing after just one season in Formula 1 with Toro Rosso and is filling the race seat left vacant by Ferrari-bound Vettel.

The 20-year-old driver is confident he can compete at the front end of the grid and isn't feeling any pressure about replacing a former champion.

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"Every driver in F1 is different. I plan to keep doing what I was doing with Toro Rosso, with a few tweaks to suite my new team," Kvyat said. "Hopefully I can give the team the right feedback so we can improve the right areas. It won't be easy [replacing Vettel] but that is why I'm here.

"I didn't feel any pressure coming to F1 but there was a lot of stupid talk last year about whether I was the right choice. I wanted to prove I was the right choice, which I think I did and now I can focus on the right things with Red Bull. I want to focus on bringing home the best result possible."

Red Bull were the only team in 2014 to break Mercedes' dominance in Grand Prix wins, with Daniel Ricciardo taking three victories, and he was the only driver to mount a realistic title challenge to Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

This season Kvyat joins Red Bull and will be expected to challenge for race victories despite his F1 career-best finish being ninth place, which he achieved three times last season in Melbourne, Silverstone and Spa.

The 20-year-old could become the first Russian to win an F1 Grand Prix as the sport's appeal grows in his home country.

"It isn't something that puts pressure on my mind but instead it pushes me forward, using this energy by transforming it from hard to positive would be great.

"Since F1 came to Russia the interest has been going up and up and, of course, I hope I can be the first successful Russian driver."

Pre-season F1 testing begins on February 1st in Jerez, where Kvyat will get his first opportunity to drive for Red Bull.