Jenson Button has echoed new team-mate Fernando Alonso's sentiments that it is understandable to expect issues with a new power unit as McLaren-Honda's start to the 2015 season continued to stutter.

The ambitiously-designed MP4-30 endured a troubled start to life on day one of the Jerez F1 test, with niggling issues preventing Fernando Alonso from completing more than six laps. Though McLaren said it had fixed the problems, it fared no better on day two with Button also turning in six slow laps over eight hours.

Despite the intense attention on McLaren's efforts, particularly given its history with Honda, Button was relaxed about the scenario he finds himself in, pointing to the problems Red Bull were facing twelve months ago at the same circuit.

"A lot can happen and we always knew the first test would be difficult. It is not as straight forward as it used to be with sticking an engine in the car and trying to pound round, it is a very complex system the power unit."

"I don't think we have done fewer laps than what Red Bull did," he contested. "To be fair, they drove around without a front-wing all day so they didn't gain any experience on us. You look at where the Red Bull was at the first couple of tests and he last test in Bahrain, but they finished second [on the road] at the first grand prix."

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Despite the inauspicious debut, Button says he is impressed with what he has seen of the project so far and insists it is a 'step forward' over last year's machine, labelling the engine 'great and fantastic'.

"I think the whole team have done a great job of getting here for the first tests. If you look at the car itself, in lots of areas it is a step forward over last year. Obviously that shouldn't be our base but the car looks good in many ways. In terms of the engine, it is great and fantastic. We have got a lot of things right and now it just about putting mileage on it."

Looking forward, Button says it is unrealistic to think he would be able to unleash the full potential of the car and the power unit instantly, but is confident he and Alonso will get more mileage over the coming two days.

"I definitely didn't think we would pound round lap after lap. Even the car that won the world championship last year, they had a great day yesterday and problems today. I don't think their power unit is greatly different to last year and they still have issues.

"I didn't expect us to be doing a massive amount of laps but you don't come into the first test thinking like that, you come in thinking you are going to have issues and you are going to solve them and that is what testing is all about.

"We look forward to a good day of running tomorrow. Obviously we want to get out there as much as possible and put as many laps in as we can, but I don't think there will be much set-up work going on this week, it will be putting mileage on the parts and getting some experience of the power unit."