Williams Martini Racing chief technical officer Pat Symonds believes it is too early to be considering 'radical changes' to the latest set of of rules and regulations, even if he admits the prospect of 1000bhp F1 cars is enticing.

The idea of hyper-powerful 1000bhp cars has arisen in recent weeks as a means of making the sport more spectacular and enticing a new breed of fans to F1, but has drawn mixed opinions from figures in the paddock.

However, while Symonds does see the positives of more powerful machines engaging a wider audience, he believes the sport has a more pressing priority to focus on bolstering grid numbers ahead of a 2015 F1 season that is likely to begin with just nine teams and 18 cars.

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"I like the idea of 1,000bhp, I like the idea of spectacular cars, but I also like the idea of having a lot more cars on the grid. I think should be our primary concern is to have a good business and something that spectators also want to watch.

Indeed, Symonds believes it is premature to amend the 'framework' set in place from the 2014 season, even if he maintains it is a sport that shouldn't shun the idea of change.

"It can at times be mutually exclusive but I think there is a lot we can do within the framework we have to improve our racing and our engagement with the public. I think we are much too early into a new set of rules for radical change, but we should never be afraid of change."