Pastor Maldonado feels Lotus is enjoying a strong start to the 2015 F1 season after completing almost 100 laps on the third day of testing in Jerez.

The Venezuelan gave the E23 Hybrid its belated debut on the second day of the F1 test in Jerez, but despite missing the damp morning as a precaution on his second day in the car, Maldonado recorded 91 laps with no major issues.

A positive opening for a team that missed the first test of 2014 altogether, Maldonado is impressed with the potential of both the car and the Mercedes power unit, particularly the reliability shown so far.

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"I am more confident with the car, not only me but the team is too. It is completely new - a new car, new engine - so it is something to discover, but it was a positive day. Our main focus is to solve the reliability problems we suffered last year. Engine-wise it was good and reliability is good compared to last year

"We are not looking for any performance, it is too early. It is a new car so we need to discover so many new things still and there is a list of problems to follow.

"Reliability has been the main focus. The engine is not 100 per cent yet. We are still quite heavy with the fuel, so it will be another time to go for performance. Before that, we need to complete our process and then I think in the second Barcelona test we will go for more performance."