Felipe Massa feels Williams Martini Racing is a 'different and better team' to that of twelve months ago as it began to show the first signs of a revival that would take it to third in last year's constructors' standings.

The Brazilian got his first laps in the new FW37 on the third day of the F1 pre-season test in Jerez, focusing on developing the chassis and stability en route to the fourth fastest time.

Indeed, Massa admits there is no focus on the pushing the Mercedes engine at this time - a sentiment echoed by the factory Mercedes team -, so was subsequently pleased with the progress made in others areas.

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"I think it was good," he said. "I think it was a good feeling today in the car, a positive feeling from the car when driving. We're still not where I should be, just the first impressions were very positive. It's still a lot of working and a lot of developing until everything is correct for the first race.

"I think in some areas we improved, I feel the car is more stable than last year, a bit easier to drive, I think that's positive. "I'm talking just about the chassis, the stability and just this type of development. The engine we're still not running what we're supposed to have so the engine is not the main point until now because we're still not running what I hope we will run."

A year on from his debut with Williams, Massa reflects on the strides made by the team in that time, which was coming into 2014 having suffered one of the worst season's in its history. Now Massa feels the subsequent success of 2014 has made it a better team going forward into 2015.

"It's a different team. It's a lot better team, much more prepared, much more experienced, everything is different. The team is a lot more prepared, it's in much better shape compared to how we started last year. We had a good car, we had a fantastic season, the development was great but I think the team is a lot more prepared, which is good."