Daniil Kvyat feels Red Bull have made a positive step forward with its RB11 despite more technical issues preventing it from completing more than 165 laps over the course of the four-day F1 pre-season test.

Having completed only a handful of slow laps on Monday after damaging Red Bull's only available front-wing, Kvyat came into the day looking to get some serious mileage under his and the team's belt after technical issues hampered Daniel Ricciardo on Tuesday too.

However, Kvyat would manage only a few more laps before coming to a halt on track and didn't emerge until much later in the day.

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Nonetheless, he would eventually turn in 64 laps, bringing Red Bull's total up to 165 laps over the four days, with only McLaren having completed fewer. Despite the problems, Kvyat was still upbeat about the progress made.

"We had a little limitation today this morning but we went over it and we managed to have a very clean afternoon I must say," he said. "So I'm quite happy about today's progress from the team and from myself."

"I think it's been a very productive day all in all for us. So we can pick up some really good points from today. Every lap counts, every lap is important and today we've managed a few laps, I think one of the most productive days of this test. We're not where we want to be, where we need to be and we will keep our progress on."