Despite opposition from some quarters, not every F1 team is reluctant to allow the former Marussia team onto the grid this season.

The team, now running under the Manor F1 banner, is coming out of administration and looking to rejoin the fray from the opening round of the season in Melbourne, but apparently met with resistance from members of the F1 Strategy Group over concerns that the bid lacks 'substance'.

Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley this week claimed there were too many 'compliance issues' in Manor's plan to use an updated 2014 car for the opening rounds while it attempted to build its own 2015 machine for a mid-season debut. Not every member of the Strategy Group felt the same, however, with Claire Williams telling Sky Sports that the Grove team would have backed Manor's bid.

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"We've been very clear on our position around Marussia [sic] and their entry," the deputy principal insisted, "We want a full competitive line-up on the grid ... and we will do anything to support Marussia coming back in.

"We made it very clear in the strategy group that we would vote for them to be able to use the 2014 chassis this season. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened but Williams want a competitive line-up on the grid and we want to help the smaller teams."

While Marussia folded under pressure of mounting debts with three races to run last season, the arrival of new investors - quietly courted over the winter - has given the British squad hope that it may be able to race on in 2015, building on a campaign which saw it garner two points from the Monaco Grand Prix.

Manor sporting director Graeme Lowdon has already rejected Fernley's claims, maintaining that his team had not made an application for the Strategy Group to reject, but confirming that exiting administration 'is the first external sign that we have been able to make of all the hard work that has taken place privately over the past four months to get us to our current position'.

Former backmarker Gian Carlo Minardi has called the block on Manor's entry 'unsportsmanlike behaviour', warning that the minnow's absence would leave more established teams - such as Force India - in danger of propping up the grid and, potentially, finding itself in the same position as Marussia was a year ago.

Manor - which has returned from its Banbury base, which will be turned over to F1 newcomer Haas, to the Dinnington facility where it started life as Virgin Racing - has received a boost with reports that the FIA is prepared to keep its entry open 'for as long as possible' in the run-up to round one in Australia.