The 2015 Formula 1 season isn't underway as yet but the direction the sport could take beyond this year may very well be determined this week during the latest meeting of the F1 Commission.

As scrutiny falls on F1 to retain interest from an audience that has notably dwindled in several key markets, teams and industry figures will meet to discuss the prospect of making the cars 'more exciting', both visually and fundamentally.

The idea of introducing high-output 1000bhp engines has already triggered debate throughout the pit lane and beyond, with the consensus agreeing it would certainly give the sport spectacle, even if it raises doubts over cost-effectiveness and its 'duty' towards road car relevance amongst the manufacturer entrants.

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However, while such a significant change in the engine regulations is far from agreed to be happening and two years away at the earliest, F1 2016 could still herald changes in the way the cars appear, with several teams pushing for wider, aggressive cars more akin to those seen during the 1990s.

F1 has gone though many incarnations over the years, but many agree its current appearance is not 'future-proof', raising the prospect of bolder wings, wider tyres and bigger rims amongst others to make the cars at least leave an impression.

However, though there is a general agreement that something should be done, it is a debate that has inevitably created divisions between the leading teams and F1 chiefs over how best to push the sport forward, with varied opinions driven by those that possess vested interests in either how the sport is consumed by the audiences, or how it relates to road car technology or how it makes a business case for sponsors.

According to the BBC, Mercedes' Toto Wolff has already suggested research with fans and audiences should be conducted to get a better understanding of what it is they would like to see before imposing changes, rather than keeping it internalised within the sport.

As such, we would like to open the floor to you to ask what YOU believe the future of F1 should represent: How should the cars look? Should they be more powerful? Does F1 have a duty to be relevant and cost-effective? Perhaps you believe the F1 of 2015 is exactly as it should remain...

To have your say on how you believe the future of F1 should look, sound and represent, simply leave a comment below


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