Ferrari has caused a stir by revealing its vision of the future of Formula 1 ahead of the F1 Commission meeting.

The F1 Commission is meeting in Geneva for discussions about future rules, includes changes to fuelling, engines and designs of cars, with Ferrari taking the opportunity to show off how it believes the sport should be progressing beyond 2015.

The new images represent an entirely new concept for F1, with more aerodynamic bodywork around the front of the car and an incredible-looking exhaust system, with more than a passing resemblance to a prototype sportscar.

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The design - which has been produced purely to gauge public reaction - were created by the design studio, but Ferrari insists the changes were still minimal despite its striking appearance.

"Minimal changes give the car a look that is way different from what have been familiar with so far. Our challenge was to create something that was - to put it short - better looking."

Ferrari's release of the images comes after the Italian team, along with McLaren and Red Bull, debated at a strategy group meeting about what new concepts they would like to see.


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Looks good bring it on, just what F1 needs, cars that look different, not cloned cars painted a different colour, years ago they started tightening the rules, which has led to the free sprit of designers being stifeled far too much.