Formula One drivers will be banned from changing their helmet designs during the season in a move to help fans identify the drivers.

A number of current drivers, including Sebastian Vettel and Romain Grosjean, frequently change the design of their racing helmets; but this will end in 2015 with the new rule being introduced ahead of the Formula 1 season opener in Melbourne on the 13-15 March.

An FIA source told Reuters news agency: "The FIA is keen to have stability so people can identify who is in the car. The new phenomenon of drivers changing helmet every few races isn't helping."

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It is unclear how the drivers would be punished if they were to change helmet design during the year and the decision has had a mixed reception from the fans on social media and former F1 drivers.

The rule will also ban any tribute helmets or one-off designs which can be auctioned off for charity. This was a frequent occurrence last year with many drivers adding '#ForzaJules' to pay respect to the injured Marussia driver Jules Bianchi. In addition, Jenson Button's special edition helmet in 2011 was auctioned for charity to raise funds for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.