Daniel Ricciardo says that although Red Bull Racing may not yet be where it wants to be, he is confident they will be there come Melbourne, for the 2015 F1 season opener in Australia.

Ricciardo notched up 59 laps on Thursday as the second pre-season test got underway in Barcelona and despite a slow start, with a few technical gremlins limiting his running in the morning, he concluded the day third overall on a 1 minute 25.547 seconds, 0.380s off Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari in P2.

"It feels alright," Ricciardo told reporters, including Crash.net at the end of the day. "We got a bit of running done today on a few different compounds, so starting to get a bit more data. I think we are chipping away."

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"You never know in testing [where you are]," he added. "For sure we are still fine tuning. Definitely we are not where we want to be yet with the engine and with driveability and all that. But at the same time we didn't really expect to be there yet. I think we knew it would take a bit of time. We are where we thought we would be. Maybe some others are a bit further up for now. But I think come Melbourne we will be there."

Asked if they have now sorted out some of the engine issues that hit them in Jerez, he replied: "I think the bigger problems seemed to be solved today. Now it is just fine tuning and trying to get it a bit more driveable - getting the power down when we need it etc.

"We didn't do 100 laps, but we didn't have to go through any engine change or anything big like we faced in Jerez. We are definitely making progress on that front."

So no frustration?

"It is still too early to get frustrated and I am not frustrated. I think testing is just a bit frustrating in general. I just want to go racing already! But [as I said] I think by Melbourne we will be there. Then if it starts with the first few races and we are not there, okay maybe it gets a bit frustrating. But it is definitely too early to be pessimistic with that."

Meanwhile, Ricciardo said the RB11 itself feels pretty good: "We are still trying to find the optimum levels," he explained, "but for a base it is pretty good.

"This morning we got out and got a pretty quick lap time early on. I think we have got a good platform, like last year, to work from."