Eric Boullier says McLaren-Honda is '50 per cent' behind its pre-season programme but feels it is now starting to make some progress on the MP4-30.

McLaren's efforts have been keenly observed since the start of the season, particularly after persistent teething issues limited it to just 79 laps during the opening pre-season test in Jerez.

Though the team has enjoyed a more productive second test thus far, with the team already exceeding its Jerez mileage following Fernando Alonso's 59 laps on day two, McLaren racing director Boullier accepts the car is still a fair way behind in its development cycle.

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"We only have 12 days to get ready and if we miss any of the 12 days then we won't be ready 100 per cent. We tend to over-check when you have time, not only the engine part but also the car, but I am not sure we will have time to check all of the boxes.

"We [have done] maybe 50 per cent of the laps we were expecting to do, so in terms of the plan we are 50 per cent behind."

Despite this, Boullier was pleasantly surprised to see Alonso complete a good stretch of mileage having originally been expected to complete only limited running the wake of an MGU-K issue.

"It is good to finally puts some laps in, get the programme run and actually push the boundaries, so we actually did more than we expected, so we are catching up on it."