Nico Rosberg says the trapped nerve in his neck was caused by a slight change in his driving position over the winter, forcing him to revert to his previous set-up.

The German was a doubt for the second F1 test at the Circuit de Catalunya after it was revealed he had a hurt his neck, though he would go on to manage a full morning in the car, completing 66 laps before calling it a day.

However, Rosberg insists the early stop was simply a precaution, explaining the injury was caused by his attempt to alter his seat position in the Mercedes W06. Though he says he personally prefers the new position, the strain to his neck means he has had to revert back.

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"I know the cause of it - it was my position in the car, which I got a bit wrong. I didn't realise. So, yeah, just being careful. It was all fine.

"I liked it different, but I can't drive the one I like. My neck doesn't like that one. I changed it over the winter. It is incredible how fine a line it is. It is a couple of millimetres, or it was centimetres in this case and then it changed everything.

"It is [all to do with] the position of the spine because we have such G-forces and it needs to all be in line and you need to make sure all the forces are right, and it was not quite right. I will have to get used to it again. It is a bit different, it doesn't take long, but it is different."

Rosberg will return to the car on Sunday.