Jenson Button has rebuffed suggestions that McLaren-Honda should prepare for a tough 2015 Formula 1 season despite another day of limited mileage due to technical issues, insisting the car has 'a lot of potential'.

Having managed just 22 laps on Thursday due to a seal breaking on the MGU-K, Button had hoped to emulate the progress of team-mate Fernando Alonso - who managed 59 laps on Friday - when he returned to the cockpit today.

However, the MGU-K issue would reoccur early on in the day, limiting Button to just 21 limited power laps as McLaren busily work on a fix for the final session of the weekend when Alonso returns.

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With just two days in the car remaining before the opening round in Australia and no chance to push its limits as yet, though Button concedes he is having a tough build up to the start of the 2015 season, he flatly rejected any idea that it is a precursor to a difficult year.

"Today wasn't my day to do 59 laps," he lamented. "Tough day because I haven't really driven this car in anger yet. I did new tyre run this morning, which was cut short and I only did one on Thursday at 10am, so it has been a tough test for me personally.

"We aren't in for another tough season, that is definitely not the case. Whether we are ready for the first race, that is something I can't answer right now. This is a very different situation to the last two years because the last two years we just weren't quick enough."

Indeed, Button points out that the problems facing McLaren and its new engine partner Honda aren't too different to those faced by Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault twelve months ago with the change to the regulations.

With this in mind, though Button is unsure where the car will feature at the first round, he suggests the sheer potential of the car means it could well be a race winner by the end of the year.

"This is all new for us. It would be a very different situation if this was last year, I don't think we would be here asking the same questions because everyone would be in the same position. It looks worse than it is. I would love to be pounding round every day we drive the car, but it is not the case right now.

"We aren't going to have a race winning car at the first race but we might have one at the last race - you are going to see big improvement from us," he continued.

"We are all quite interested to see what the car can do at full power and we have done some set-up work because I think it has got a lot of potential. It is all about learning but we will solve these problems, hopefully soon."