Marcus Ericsson says he is feeling prepared for the start of the 2015 Formula 1 season with Sauber after a trouble-free day in the car at the Circuit de Catalunya.

After a series of technical issues set the team back last week, Sauber forged ahead with a race simulation plan for Ericsson and subsequently managed a full 122 laps with the C34 without any major issues.

It was track time that Ericsson was pleased to get, saying the mileage has left him feeling considerably better prepared at the end of the day than he felt before it.

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"I think if you'd asked me whether I was prepared to race in Australia this morning I would have had a few questions but after today with a lot of race laps, pit stops and a full simulation I really feel we will be prepared for the season to start," he said.

Indeed, Ericsson was relieved to avoid the technical problems that affected the team a week earlier, while the opportunity to fit the super-soft tyres - which lifted him to second place on the timesheets - has left the team 'excited' about where it will feature when the season begins in two weeks' time.

"We haven't had too many issues with the car in testing, only slight problems last week but other than that we've been running a lot of laps and a lot of programmes we've planned. Everyone is very excited and enthusiastic to see what we can do in the races and where we are at."