The FIA has published an updated version of the 2015 Formula 1 World Championship entry list with Manor-Marussia included on it, albeit subject to meeting criteria with both its car and its driver.

Manor-Marussia announced its full intention to be present for the 2015 F1 opener, the Australian Grand Prix, earlier this week by revealing Will Stevens as one of its drivers and claiming it is working hard to ensure its cars are ready for shipping.

Indeed, though Manor-Marussia's plan to race a version of its 2014-specification car was blocked by rival teams, it has forged ahead with plans to make it on the grid from the opening round. It is anticipated that Marussia is working hard to bring the car up to a standard that will allow it to pass the necessary requirements in the meantime before working on a full 2015 specification car.

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Indeed, the entry list does that state that Manor-Marussia's participation remains dependent on its giving 'full compliance with the 2015 Technical Regulations required', while Stevens is still subject to holding a Super Licence, despite racing in the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with Caterham.

Despite this, these plans appear to have taken a major step forward with the confirmation that Manor-Marussia is featured on the latest F1 entry list, with Stevens and an as-yet-announced second driver.

The entry list is also the first not to feature the Caterham team, which has slipped to administration and is currently in the process of selling its assets