Max Verstappen says the updated version of the Toro Rosso STR10 is a 'really good step forward' and provides the added downforce which was lacking in previous tests.

Day two of the final pre-season test was the first time the 17-year-old had driven the updated car after his team-mate Carlos Sainz got to grips with it yesterday in Barcelona. Verstappen managed to complete 139 laps with a best time of 1:26:766, putting him P7 for the day.

"Today we had more downforce and I think we made a really good steps and we just need more experience with the car," Verstappen said. "We completed all the checks with the car and then in the afternoon we did a race simulation and that was very promising, so we are very pleased with that. It has better consistency and better to understand the tyres with, so it makes it a lot easier."

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Toro Rosso continued its checks on the new aerodynamic package with Verstappen before putting the driver through a full race simulation in the afternoon. Verstappen felt positive about the day's progress with the STR10, before having to stop an hour early because of an electrical problem.

"Race simulation went very well and it looks promising, so I think we made some good steps today. I think in general getting more experience with the new package and finding ways to improve is the main thing for us.

"I like someone in front because when you do a race simulation and have nothing around it's not good. But if you have somebody around you who is doing the same strategy you can see what they are doing, any different lines they are taking and how their car is behaving differently, I like that. I noticed little things but at the moment just focusing on my car.

"I want to race now, testing gets a little bit boring."

Verstappen hands the Toro Rosso back to his team-mate Sainz tomorrow before he works on the final day of testing on Sunday ahead of the season-opener in Melbourne in two weeks.