Jenson Button says McLaren has made a 'really big step forward' after completing a much desired uninterrupted day of mileage in the MP4-30.

A day after McLaren's pre-season woes reached a new nadir when the car managed just 7 laps before a hydraulic leak necessitated a full engine change, the team bounced back to enjoy its most productive day of the winter so far.

Save for a stop right at the end of the afternoon session, Button turned in 100 laps - far exceeding McLaren's previous best single day total of 59 laps - and was able to accumulate a significant amount of data with just two days of testing to go.

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Indeed, though Button knows car is far from quick enough at this time, he was delighted to finally get some miles in.

"Good progress made today - wasn't hard from yesterday -, but really nice to do 101 laps. The reliability has been great today, a really big step forward and a big effort by everyone, which is great to see.

"It is amazing what you get done with a reliable car. All the tests, comparisons and aero work that you can't do because the car stops halfway through, we were able to do today. A lot of positives.

"Looking at the timing screens yes we are nowhere near quick enough but there was a lot of progress made and a lot of work we can do from today. All the analysts are now sinking their teeth into what we have done today which is good. For most teams 100 laps isn't really anything but for us it is like 1000 laps."

"The other thing is the drivability has really impressed me. Something you're always worried about because it is the unknown but we've made massive steps and it is the part I'm most impressed about."

Button levelled particular praise to engine supplier Honda, saying it hasn't allowed the persistent technical issues hamper its motivation.

"I've been so impressed with Honda because they have been working flat out to solve the problems when it's been really tough. You know they will improve throughout the year and never give up which is what I love about this partnership."