Williams Martini Racing's chief technical officer Pat Symonds says he would be very happy to see Manor-Marussia back on the grid for the 2015 Formula 1 World Championship following its apparent revival.

Though nothing has broken cover as yet and specific details of its project remain fairly scarce, Manor-Marussia has indicated its plans to be on the grid come the Australian Grand Prix on 13-15 March, revealing Will Stevens as one of its drivers and being included on the official FIA entry list.

Though its inclusion has raised concerns amongst some, not least Williams' own Felipe Massa, Symonds - who worked with Marussia for a short time = has hailed the prospect of having an additional two cars on the grid in Melbourne, using his own experience at Toleman - which became the title-winning Benetton - to claim that F1 needs 'little teams'.

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"I'm really pleased Manor will be at Melbourne, I think we need teams like that," he said. "In 1981 I started in a little team called Toleman. There were 20 of us and we didn't really know much about what we did were doing. That team went on to become Benetton, and went on to become Renault then went on to become Lotus. If there wasn't a chance for these small teams to compete it would be a real shame.

"I worked for those guys for a little while and have a lot of respect for what they are trying to do. They are straightforward, old-fashioned racers. They aren't interested in the politics they just want to get racing.
It is a really difficult task which makes it even better if they want to succeed, it's great."

Manor-Marussia is expected to reveal more details about its F1 return in the coming days as it gears up for its return. The team is expected to use interim 2014 specification cars brought up to specification for 2015 before developing a new