Renault Sport director of operations Remi Taffin says he is satisfied with the engine firm's efforts during pre-season F1 testing, though he admits he is uncertain where customers Red Bull and Toro Rosso stand in terms of performance.

The engine manufacturer has focused much of its winter attention on bringing the latest generation power unit up to a reliable standard in an effort to avoid a repeat of the disastrous pre-season programme twelve months ago when its customer teams came into the season with relatively little mileage.

To that end, Renault is content with the progress made, despite issues with the ERS on the Red Bull striking on the final day of action. However, this eagerness to get the reliability sorted has come at the expense of performance runs.

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"With winter testing at an end we're satisfied to have mostly completed our development programme, starting with covering as many kilometres as possible. Running was the number one objective so we're pleased to have seen one of our Power Units complete five grand prix cycles across Barcelona's first and second tests.

"We experienced a little down time on the final day with an ERS problem at Red Bull and an ICE problem at Toro Rosso, but are confident that the specification run in Melbourne will have eliminated these issues.

"Performance-wise, we would have liked a bit more time but we've always been conscious of that situation following our particularly aggressive development choices. There's still further potential to be extracted before Melbourne, especially in terms of driveability. But, as far as the amount of power delivered is concerned, we're definitely there.

Managing director Cyril Abiteboul is also wary of rivals heading to Australia, saying he has been equally impressed with the reliability shown by Mercedes and Ferrari over the winter.

"My assessment of pre-season testing is reasonably positive. Before it began our main priority was reliability, and eliminating the gremlins we saw over the winter and in Jerez. Now we have reached the target level for Melbourne, results confirmed by cross-examining data gathered on the dyno. In that regard the situation is quite positive.

"Saying that, everyone else also seems reliable so we'll be banking on performance to score big points in Australia. And although it's still difficult to compare ourselves with others in that regard, we're feeling quietly optimistic ahead of the opening round.

"But it's still imperative that we eke out every last bit of potential from the Power Unit between now and