Williams has announced a multiple-year partnership with BT, which will see the communications company's logos on the FW37 headrests.

The arrangement will see Williams using BT's communications services and products across its factory network and at each Formula 1 Grand Prix.

BT will also bring its technology services to Williams' Advanced Engineering division that takes Formula One derived technology and know-how into the automotive, motorsport, energy, civil aerospace and defence sectors.

Deputy team principal Claire Williams says she is thrilled to welcome BT into the F1 paddock with Williams.

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"We are delighted to welcome a company of BT's pedigree and stature as a new partner of the team," Williams said. "This relationship will include a technical collaboration that will ensure that our employees are fully connected and can work seamlessly together regardless of where they are in the world."

Chief technical officer Pat Symonds says the team's communication speeds will be vastly improved which will help the team commercially and competitively in Formula 1.

"Vastly increased network speed can totally alter the way we work. The benefits for our routine operations are self-evident and witnessed by an enormous increase in our 'off site' analytical ability," Symonds explained. "The less obvious benefits include the ability to gain higher speed access to our crucial information sources, independently of where we are racing. This includes, for example, the ability to interrogate remotely our CAD system back at base, build new assemblies and then export the required information for use on the racetrack in a matter of minutes."


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As KMA55 said oh dear, I work for BT, I don't know how they will get on in F1, but God what a mess they can get In to, always changing for change sake, which means lack of continuity, a treacle layer where things get bogged down, decision made by, who knows, dealing with one company may help, good luck Williams for the new seasons, good to see the big improvement.