Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will be permitted to engage in 'open warfare' during the 2015 Formula 1 season despite a high-profile fracas between the two Mercedes drivers during 2014.

Though Mercedes dominated the 2014 season, Hamilton and Rosberg were involved in a series of feuds that stole headlines and strained what had previously been a positive relationship. Culminating in their controversial coming together at the Belgian Grand Prix, Mercedes was clamped down on their increasingly volatile rivalry.

However, though Mercedes is anticipated to be establishing firmer ground rules between its drivers, when Toto Wolff was asked whether it would maintain its policy of 'open warfare', he responded simply by saying 'Absolutely right'.

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"The management of Nico and Lewis is not a difficult topic," he continued. "We have a very open and transparent relationship, sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree but it is positive, not at all difficult."

Rosberg, meanwhile, admits it is difficult to make a 'compromise' to put the team first when his biggest rival is his team-mate.

"It was a great battle and I am sure it will continue to be," he said. "It will be a big challenge for both of us, but with the difficult of it being internal.

"With another driver in another team it would be less complicated, but this makes it more difficult because you always have that extremely big compromise to play because you have to think of the team first and yourself second, especially at the beginning of the season.

"It will continue to have its ups and downs and its easy and difficult phases. I am sure we will manage another great season."


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richard: does this mean that merc wont do their best to nobble nico any more? great![\blockquote]

Nico did enough nobbling of himself with setup last year, he practically gave away the championship and it was only reliability issues that kept Lewis from winning more than 15 races. Lewis might take more poles and Nico might win more races, but I don't think Nico will have a chance in he11 if Pirelli start giving 2013 tires out again, unless its only to certain drivers. [\blockquote]

Leave it mate, the Vettel fanboys and LH haters (usually both) are still finding it hard to come to terms with last season.

Merc must have a pretty high confidence in their car to publicly state this. Better for us the viewer, but a two horse race will still be dull.[\blockquote]

well said!!