Will Stevens admits he is uncertain as to whether the Manor team will qualify for the Australian Grand Prix within the 107 per cent rule as its entry gets ready to turn its first wheel in FP1 at Albert Park.

Formerly known as Marussia, Manor F1 comes to Australia having saved from administration by new investors just weeks before the start of the season, the team constructing two updated versions of its Ferrari-powered 2014 car before a new 2015 model appears later in the season.

Ahead of the first practice sessions of the 2015 season, Manor is yet to reveal its machine the and it hasn't completed any mileage, raising concerns that it will not reach the necessary 107 per cent qualifying standard to start the race.

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Nonetheless, though Stevens admits much will come down to how strong the benchmark is at the front of the field, he remains hopeful Manor has enough in hand to ensure it makes the starting grid

"To be honest it is hard to tell," he said. "We have not been on track yet and there are the new tyres to factor in to the pre-season pace that everyone has shown because for sure they are quicker than what they were last year. There are a lot of people talking about it, but we won't know until we get out on track.

"There is a bit of leeway from the last year's pace of the car to 107 per cent, so it just depends how much the guys at the front have moved forward. We are going to go out and do the best job we can, if that is in or out of the 107 per cent rule, I don't know.

Despite formation of the team's 2015 bid, Stevens - who made his F1 debut with Caterham in the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - says there is a relaxed atmosphere in the team ahead of FP1.

"Everything is running pretty smoothly. There is no mad rush and everything is in a good place, we are ready for FP1."


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Fullofit: Liam ... your comments add zero value to this website ... yet here they are for all of us to read and hate ... so even in this situation we can't say they add nothing to the site.[\blockquote]

Let's extend your version of logic to other teams, presently in F1 - Williams, Lotus (ex Benneton), Red Bull (ex Stewart/Jaguar) - according to your thinking, none of them would be on the grid today, because, when they were in their infancy, they struggled around at the back of the grid. But, being RACERS, they worked at it, and gradually grew into teams that, at one time or other were the DOMINANT team of the day.

So just open your mind to the possibility that Manor (software permitting) might just, at some time down the road, repeat, or improve upon their Monaco result. God forbid that their 2015 car, when it debuts should be a good one.....