Daniil Kvyat has vowed to focus on extracting the best of himself, rather than set his sights on winning a grand prix, as he embarks on his first season with Red Bull Racing.

The Russian was in typically low-key mood as he met with the media ahead of the opening round of the 2015 F1 world championship in Melbourne and, despite being promoted to Red Bull's senior squad, refused to discuss whether he could emulate team-mate Daniel Ricciardo and become a racewinner in his first season with the multiple world champions.

"It all depends on circumstances," Kvyat insisted, "You just do your best and see where you are at. It's hard to say that it is going to happen tomorrow, or in one month. You just have to be realistic and concentrate on getting all your driving right and seeing where you end up.

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"I have no expectations. I'm just going to do my best, take the best out of myself with the package we have. That is the best thing I can do. We all hope, of course, that [the package] is as high as possible, but we won't know until the first qualifying or first race. It's possible this weekend will open up a lot of things for us, but it's too early yet to make any [predictions] - not even close to it."

Kvyat insists that he is not looking at his move from Toro Rosso to Red Bull as one from a small team to a big one, but more that the two work in different ways, which present its own challenges. However, despite that, he feels he has had a better preparation for the coming year than he did in his rookie campaign and is looking forward to testing himself against both his team-mate and the rest of the grid.

"I think, looking at this pre-season compared to 2014, it was like a paradise," the Russian grinned, "We did our best and squeezed everything we could out of our programmes in the winter and we are ready. You always want something more, but you cannot have everything, so you have to adapt. What we have right now is looking good and promising."

With Ricciardo having been in the right place at the right time to pick up three race wins when the Mercedes juggernaut stumbled last season, Red Bull is being touted amongst the main opposition again this year, but Kvyat is not expecting any help from his team-mate.

"Everyone one is focused on their own thing and I think, in F1, you can't count on someone to help you," he insisted, "I count on myself - Daniel has better things to do and so do I.

"Many things go by and change over a year, so you have to take the circumstances as they are and not think about what has happened in the past. You have to try to be there all the time. It is always like this, fighting to prove yourself."