Honda will receive nine tokens to put towards developing its engine during the 2015 Formula 1 season after FIA confirmed the remaining tokens available to rivals Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari.

The FIA introduced a 'token' format as a compromise of allowing in-season engine development after Ferrari and Renault contested a loophole to the 'engine freeze' that would allow it leeway in challenging Mercedes following its dominant 2014.

As such, all three engine firms were given 32 tokens to utilise both in the run up to the season and during the season, with different values weighted for different updates.

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Significantly, though it was originally exempt from the engine 'unfreeze' after the FIA initially ruled it had an advantage by coming to F1 a year after the change in regulations, Honda was granted dispensation that would see it given tokens based on an average of what was left by rival teams at the start of the season.

This has now been confirmed as 9 tokens (out of a possible 32) based on the fact that Renault still has 12 tokens to use, Ferrari has 10 tokens and Mercedes has 7 tokens.

Residuals available for use in-season Renault - 12 Ferrari - 10 Honda - 9 Mercedes - 7