Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull should count itself 'fortunate' to be claiming points for sixth place in the Australian Grand Prix after ending the race a lap down on the dominant Mercedes'

A fraught weekend for the Australian and the Red Bull team, which has struggled with reliability and performance issues with the Renault power unit, Ricciardo suffered a bad start, but benefitted from misfortune for those ahead to end up sixth in the end.

However, though Ricciardo was content to pick up solid points, he is unhappy to be a lap down on the leaders and finishing behind a Sauber, claiming Red Bull is currently 'a long way off' from where it needs to be.

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"Looking at where we ended [the race] - a lap down and not able to catch and pass the Sauber - from that respect it's not that satisfying. We've still got a lot of work to do - it's where it is for now and I think we're quite fortunate to walk away with sixth and all those points but we've got to find some pure pace to stay in there in the next few races.

"The last 20 laps or so I tried to make a push on Nasr and put some pressure on him but when I got close he'd pull away again. We'll take the points but, realistically, we're a long way off. We need to make some improvements."

Looking forward, Ricciardo says Red Bull is aware of its issues but hasn't yet managed to get on top of them.

"I think, for sure, the potential is all there," he continued. "We know where some big chunks of lap time lie so it's just a matter of trying to understand them and overcome them. We know, more or less, all our issues, but unfortunately we haven't got on top of them yet."