Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed negotiations are still ongoing for this season's German Grand Prix but the situation is looking more and more uncertain.

The 84-year-old Formula 1 supremo says there is still no contract confirmed with Hockenheim due to a lack of financial security but talks are continuing over the coming weeks.

"There is no contract with Hockenheim and they haven't had an agreement," Ecclestone told Reuters. "Originally they were going to support it with somebody to help them with the finance. It didn't happen. We will have to wait for another few days to see what's happening."

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A final decision had been promised ahead of the season-opening Australian Grand Prix but the race weekend has passed and no agreement has been made.

The German Grand Prix is still scheduled for the weekend of the 19th July and will act as the 10th round of the 2015 Formula 1 championship.

Ecclestone has also ruled out the possibility of another race coming in to replace the German event, which has appeared on the F1 calendar for every year since 1960.