Maurizio Arrivabene says Ferrari should not dwell on 'liking second' as it strives to make up ground on Mercedes in the Formula 1 World Championship.

Ferrari's anticipated step forward over the winter had been one of the bigger stories to come out of winter testing, with the team putting its improvements into action on track in the Australian Grand Prix by finishing third behind the Mercedes 1-2 lock-out.

However, though Arrivabene says Ferrari achieved its aim by getting the better of Williams, it is ultimately Mercedes it must continue striving for,

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"I think we were, since Barcelona, Friday and also Saturday, quite convinced about what we got in the poker and were not really concerned [at beating Williams]. It was a pity that Valtteri Bottas was not there because it was then giving to us a kind of clear benchmark, but I think we need to stop and think about liking second - I think we need to think about first."

Indeed, Williams' Felipe Massa says he was not surprised to see Ferrari come on strong after what he had seen of its pace during free practice and is impressed by its winter gains.

"Was I surprised? No, because I saw in the tests and I saw here on Friday. "If you see how we finished the season and how they are now, it's a big step, for sure. Apart from the lap time you just look at the speed. At the end of the year we were 10, 12 or 15kph quicker than Ferrari, now they are similar and maybe even a little bit better than us."