Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff believes Formula 1 isn't in need of a 'revolution' to progress the sport, even if he maintains the manufacturer remains open to discussion about possible change.

An overhaul of the technical regulations from 2014 has seen Mercedes position itself as the new dominant force in F1, the manufacturer clinching all but three race wins last season and looking as ominously quick for 2015 following the Australian Grand Prix.

Mercedes' formidable form comes amidst increasing concern about the sport's perception amongst the general public, with Ferrari's Maurizio Arrivabene being particularly vocal about his desire for F1 to undergo a 'revolution' in order to keep fans interested.

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With Ferrari going on to reveal its vision of the future with a radical-looking concept F1 car, Wolff has nonetheless played down the suggestion the sport needs to undergo major change, though admits teams 'owe it to F1' to keep considering new ideas.

"My personal opinion is that the sport itself doesn't need a big shake-up," he said. "We are talking about changing the rules or the car or the engines, so maybe that shouldn't be the primary target. We are in a lucky position as the world champions to be OK with the rules, but we need to be open-minded for the discussion and take part in the discussion.

"Ferrari's proposal is a bit of a provocation, that is what they said. I personally liked how the car looked, but I am not sure this is Formula 1. Nevertheless, we need to sit down and see how we can improve F1 in total.

"If we agree that changing how the car looks with all the consequences on how it drives - because it shouldn't be sportscars - then let's discuss whether the cars should be wider, have bigger tyres... we owe it to F1 but I don't think it is a primary problem."