Jenson Button says he is not concerned about the McLaren MP4-30, even though team-mate Fernando Alonso has insisted that his pre-season crash was caused by a problem with the steering.

Alonso missed the opening round in Australia as a result and on his return to the paddock this weekend in Malaysia was quizzed on what happened.

The Spaniard talked in depth about the crash on Thursday in the pre-event FIA press conference, countering many of the original claims, including several that came from McLaren itself, insisting he crashed because the 'steering locked', even if the reason why hasn't been picked up by the data.

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Asked if he had ever had an incident where problem could not be traced, Button replied: "Maybe in karting. We have a lot of sensors on the car and this team is very experienced in incidents and they - as with every team in F1 - take every precaution possible in terms of safety.

"It is one of those things, isn't it? But after seeing the data and watching the steering trace, my view has not changed from what it had when I saw the data initially.

"I feel comfortable getting into the car and driving it."

Button also said that he is not sure anything more can be gained by continuing to investigate the incident as the data only shows so much.

"I think there have been enough days and nights of the team looking through the data, and with everything that we have you see nothing in the data," he continued. "There is no other way of finding any other information in the data, so everything that is there has been looked at and there is no issue whatsoever. But I obviously was not in the car so I do not know how it felt."

"For the team and for Fernando, with Fernando being in hospital for three days, it is, however, always going to be an uncomfortable situation," he added. "Nobody likes to crash and no team likes to see their driver crash either, because they are obviously worried about the driver's health, and they are always looking into what went wrong.

"But from my point of view, all I do is look at the data and I see there is nothing wrong with the data, so I drive the car. There is nothing else I can do and there is no other way of me getting information about what actually happened."