Daniel Ricciardo says "frustration" is at the root of the war of words between Red Bull and Renault.

Renault Sport manager Cyril Abiteboul hit back at Red Bull in the build up to this weekend's 2015 F1 Malaysian Grand Prix and accused the team of telling lies in the wake of its disappointing opening event in Australia.

Ricciardo, however, said that although there is some tension, the team itself is basically "fine".

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"Obviously a few things have been said and there is a bit of tension but when you get down to it, the team itself is still fine. It is a bit of frustration within the team, including myself. We are all very competitive," Ricciardo explained.

"They want to be better than a sixth place basically. I think that is probably where the few comments have come from.

"Although we just had one race, in the team we wanted to start the season better than we have. I think it is just some frustration for now but we have to be constructive with the criticism particularly now on a race weekend.

"I think that is what you get after four years of winning. It is hard to be this far off the pace. We will get back there. We know it is going to take a bit of time because we are quite far off but we have got to make things better."

Red Bull has said it may quit due to its dissatisfaction with the current regulations and the publically strained relationship with engine supplier Renault, but Ricciardo said again this is all just due to a bit of frustration.

"To be honest, I have not thought much about it... I do not know... I assume for now it is a comment made a bit out of frustration than anything else. So that is probably where I stand. I have not really thought about what if it actually happens because I do not feel it is there," he continued.

"I guess I won't answer more because I do not really feel much more towards it. I feel I am pretty connected to the brand and would love to keep it going of course, but would love to have more success."

Meanwhile, Ricciardo is hopeful the team will have a bit better weekend at Sepang, although he is not expecting miracles.

"Obviously, we have got a handful of improvements that need to be made and I do not think they are all going to be made in one weekend but I think we can make at least some for this weekend," he continued.

"Obviously having the usual Thursday debrief, we sort of got to know what position we are in coming in tomorrow's practice. And it looks like some things are ironed out, so hopefully we can be closer.

"I would love to say that we are going to be right there with Williams and Ferrari but... we could be but we are just going to try to take it one bit at a time at the moment.

"Hopefully we will just have a smoother weekend than Melbourne, obviously reliability wise as well. We should be in a better place."