Lewis Hamilton has become the first driver to fall foul of the FIA's new ban on helmet design changes after revealing the 'lid' he was planning to use in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The Englishman had a special design made using the corporate colours of the Malaysian Grand Prix and Mercedes' title sponsor Petronas, but after revealing it on Twitter, he went on to add that he cannot use it.

The FIA introduced a ban on significant helmet design changes as a means of making it easier for fans to identify the drivers over race weekends. As such, drivers must submit their helmet design before start of the season, with only minor modifications allowed, such as the addition of a new sponsor.

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Sebastian Vettel, who is well known for using commemorative designs at various races, says he will accept any fine levelled by the FIA by paying it to charity.

Speaking in January, he said: "What is the penalty? If it is a little fine with money for charity, then I am happy to keep changing my helmet."