Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg has conceded it was his own fault he only qualified third for the F1 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix.

Rosberg was left looking a bit ordinary in Q3, initially 1.2s off team-mate Lewis Hamilton and while he did improve - finishing 0.465s back - he was demoted to third when Sebastian Vettel improved.

It is the first time since Austria that Rosberg has not started on the front row and he was not happy about it.

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"I just didn't drive well enough, so that's why I am annoyed by that. Third place is not good for tomorrow but that's the way it is," Rosberg lamented.

"It was quite interesting conditions out there because there was so much grip, it was unbelievable, I've never... seldom had so much grip in wet conditions. It was very unusual but good to drive, but not quick enough.

"For tomorrow third place is on the clean side of the grid. So maybe, no, that should definitely help me to get by Sebastian at the start."

Asked why he was so much slower than Hamilton on the first run in Q3, Rosberg replied: "In the first run it was extremely challenging conditions because the track had so much grip and that is so unusual for an inter tyre. The grip was incredible out there and you need to be massively creative and adaptive to find the limits immediately. You are going slow and then bang you are on the first lap. Lewis just did a lot better than the rest of us. Sebastian [Vettel] and I were miles off. Sebastian was far off me [at that point too]. It is a matter of finding a way and things like that. He just did a quite impressive first lap there."

"The problem also was we didn't get our strategy completely right because we didn't have our tyres at their best by the time we did that second lap in that second run," Rosberg continued. "We used up the tyres just cruising round because there was so much grip out there and that was why Sebastian was relatively quick at the end there compared to us. He just did the strategy right and nailed it. He did a good job, of course, but that explains some of why we were down. Both Lewis and I were beaten by him on that lap at the end."

Meanwhile, Rosberg added that he believes Mercedes still has the edge over Ferrari, although he conceded they are more of a threat.

"Comfortable? No, they are right there. We definitely need to be at our best, but I am still confident we have an advantage over them and we are still the best. But they are coming at us," Rosberg added.

So what can he do tomorrow?

"Well, definitely looking forward to it because we have such a great car. I had a good run on Friday so race pace is good. Starting on the clean side so hopefully I can attack Sebastian and get behind Lewis and then race Lewis from there," he concluded.