Max Versatappen will be the first teenager to start an F1 race inside the top six since 1961 as he marked his wet weather debut with an eye-catching sixth place on the grid for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Having been confident of reaching Q3 following free practice, the Dutchman achieved his objective when he survived a frantic Q2 session before the rain came, sealing himself a spot inside the top ten in only his second F1 race.

Even so, his outing in Q3 would be the first time had driven the Toro Rosso in anger in the wet, but the 17 year-old would show natural ability to not only prove competitive but place the car a fine sixth on the grid, just shy of the Red Bulls.

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The first time in more than half a century that a teenager has started from such a lofty position, Verstappen admits he was actually pleased when the rain came as he was struggling with his brakes, even if he felt they still cost him an even better result.

"I was really happy that it started to rain because I was struggling a lot with the brakes today," he said. "We still have to find the issue with it because I was losing a lot in every high braking zone. So I was really happy that it started to rain in Q2 so that I had a chance in Q3 in the wet.

"It's what I like and I was very confident that it should be a good qualifying. My lap was pretty good, I was still struggling with the brakes in the high braking zones, that cost me P5 for sure, but P6 for a second qualifying I think I can't complain."

Looking ahead to the race, Verstappen has confidence in his pace should it remain dry, despite admitting there are cars with a better top speed behind him.

"We are in front of the cars with higher top speed so I was really happy about that. If we are behind it will be very difficult for us to overtake on the straights so you have to do it in the pit stops.

"Hopefully I can have a good start tomorrow and I think the pace we have is quite close to the Red Bulls so hopefully we can challenge them as well."