Maurizio Arrivabene says he took great pleasure in seeing his Ferrari team working so efficiently ahead of its famous return to the winners' circle during the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel handed Ferrari's its first F1 win since the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix with an impressive performance at Sepang that saw him comprehensively out-perform Mercedes for the first time since the introduction of the latest engine regulations last season.

With Vettel making the most of the Ferrari's ability to look after its tyres in particularly hot conditions, as well as capitalise on a perfect strategy, Arrivabene was thrilled to see how the renewed hard work and determination of the team was already reaping dividends.

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"During the [pre race] brief I saw the strategy and one slide after the other, the conversation with the engineer, then suddenly the race was becoming very clear and I said, 'Ha ha, here we can do something interesting'.

"I have to say the discipline of the guys was amazing and the job of Seb was unbelievable. I have to congratulate also Kimi because he caught bad luck but still, from last position, was able to do a good job.

"During the race I was thinking about the briefing of the morning and I was looking at the discipline of the guys, drivers, engineers, and how they were working like a Swiss watch, but in this case it was a perfect Italian watch!"

Arrivabene also explained why he chose to send Ferrari operations director Diego Loverno to the podium instead of himself, saying he represents 'the passion and the focus of the team'.

"I got a bit of emotion for the guys - for the two drivers, for Seb, when he was screaming into the headphones, but mainly for the guys at Maranello because in the last months they have been working like hell... unbelievable.

"This is why I asked Diego to go up there on the podium because he represents all those not only with a beautiful mind but also with dirty hands here and in Maranello. He was up there because they represent the passion and the focus of the Ferrari team."