Niki Lauda says Mercedes' defeat at the hands of Ferrari in the Malaysian Grand Prix will raise some concerns, though he has no doubt the manufacturer will respond accordingly.

Ferrari's unexpected win in Sepang, courtesy of an inspired Sebastian Vettel, was Mercedes' first defeat in a straight-fight since the start of the 2014 season, and marks only the fourth time it hasn't won an event in the last 21 races.

Magnanimous in defeat to the 'better' Ferrari, Lauda is unconcerned about the impact it will have, saying that though losing in this manner will ring alarm bells, he expects the team to use it as an opportunity to improve further.

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"It's normal in sport when these things happen and you don't win every race that the bell rings" he said. "The bell will ring loud and we all will hear it and we will react to it, which is normal.

"Nevertheless we were second and third and we won the last race, so the world is not finished yet after one Vettel victory. But nevertheless they were better. "