Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn says she is against the idea of increasing the engine limit for the 2015 season to five if it is only to appease teams that feel it will require it this season.

Original regulations for the 2015 F1 season stipulate teams can only use 4 engines over the course of the year - having been set at 5 last season -, but discussions with teams could see this increase to 5 once again.

However, though Kaltenborn says she is supportive of the move in principal if it is being introduced to improve the 'show', such as longer running on the Friday, she says she doesn't support it if it is because other teams have requested it to cater to their own 'specific wishes'.

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"I think if that is something we believe will lead to more running on a Friday we should do that. But again we shouldn't - and again for me a wrong way - if this is a measure for the show then word it in such a way it is for the show, but we shouldn't try to use technical changes just to cater to specific wishes from some teams who might want an extra engine.

"So, our position is we are supportive of measures that are good for the show and if this is good for the show then limit that benefit for the show to the Friday. Don't use it because somebody wants to get something out that is good for their overall technical situation. That is no good."